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Artist BioProfessional artist Anik Dubaere

Originally from Pincourt, Quebec, I always had an attraction for arts. For ten years simultaneously, I played the accordion and danced classical ballet. As for drawing, I was often told that I had inherited the artistic talent of my paternal grandmother.

When I was a teenager, I participated in several art workshops at Brault and Bouthillier in Montreal. A creative passion then began.

After my studies in Special care counselling at the Sherbrooke’s College, I resumed my artistic process. I explored oil and pastel before attending classes with painter Claire Lantagne. She helped me develop my right brain during my drawing classes and understand the basics of watercolor. Unfortunately, I stopped creating to go to work as an educator. It is only twelve years later, after a final return to Sherbrooke, that I plunged back into painting.

I prefer watercolor, instead of oil, because the medium fascinates me more for its transparency and fluidity. To help me regain confidence in my work, I took classes with Pierre Jeanson, a renowned painter in the Eastern Townships. During his classes, it helped me showcase my talent as a painter. Now I have added acrylic to my artistic palette. It allows me to travel in an additional space, for both the new formats and for my creativity. Throughout my work, I try to transmit my joy while harmonising colors.

So now, get inspired by my work by browsing through my little pleasures!

Artistic approach

At the heart of my creative process that intertwines the techniques learned, my artistic work has
always been linked to happiness. As part of my career as a special care counselor, I realised that
the basis of psychology, which we take for granted, is oriented towards positive reinforcement.
So, I decided to transmit joy through my works. I always try to keep the pleasure of painting the
subjects that animate me. Then, I try to provoke a positive emotion, for the viewer, through my

The intuitive approach is very important in my dynamic process. When I paint, I forget the outside
world and let my mood dictate my brush strokes. Once the work is presented, it must above all
speak for itself and it must be an open door to allow room for multiple interpretations. But you
will notice that the titles, which I have to create to guide the viewer and support my subjects, all
have a positive connotation in this initial search for happiness and serenity. They want to create
music in their own way, just like my creations want to be a beauty for the eyes.

Since I paint professionally, I observe more the scenes of my daily life. The nature and the colors
of the sky which change with the seasons inspire me deeply. In acrylic, I mainly escape in a semifigurative
world integrating minimalist forms to make room for the spontaneity of the gesture.

I favor the curves to structure my creations and release my energy in a dynamic way. I want to
soften what seems rigid, like points or squares. The red circles that we find in my paintings, want
to echo my attraction for the Asian spirit. Otherwise, on other occasions inspired by bonsai trees,
I represent trees, emblems of life. Also, to create an echo to works and oriental calligraphy, I
sometimes have fun, depending on the theme, signing vertically and adding an imaginary or real

Through my works, I hope to transport people elsewhere or evoke positive emotional memories.
In addition, I want the love at first site or the smile provoked, to remain through its positive ripple
effect. Above all, I have a lot of fun creating paintings with happy or serene accents to bring
enchantment to the daily lives of art lovers. Hoping that in turn they will find happiness.

Artistics workshops

2006-2010 Pierre Jeanson - Watercolor
2006 Françoise Vermette-Dionne - Oil painting
1995 Claire Lantagne - Drawing & Watercolor
1988-1989 Brault et Bouthillier - Arts & crafts

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Anik Dubaere - Painter Artist
Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada

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